Design Consultation

Need help with the design of a specific space? What paint colors to go with, rug or no rug, accents walls, all of it?!
Aside from my experience with interior design, including guidance in:
  • Commercial design
  • Residential Design
I am also in school studying interior design at the New York Institute of Art + Design. 
This consultation consists of me coming to your home- Due to covid, I understand some may not be comfortable with this. In that case, we can do FaceTime. It is completely up to you. But please keep in mind, measurements and all recommendations may not be as precise as me seeing the space in person. I will do my best.
In detail, my current rates are: 
  • $50 consultation fee (one hour) within 10 miles from my residence 


  • $10 for every additional mile for travel.


PLEASE NOTE: More time for consultation may be recommended based on the amount of rooms/areas you’d like to discuss.


The one hour consultation includes:

•discussion of 1-3 living areas (in the event we need to go over an hour of time for more discussion on the spaces, an additional $20 will be charge for every 20 minutes) 

•a thorough discussion of the overall mood/look you’d like to achieve for a specific space and within your budget for the space 

•a rough mock-up of the room design (arrangement of furniture, placement of accent walls, etc.)

•all recommendations regarding floors, paint colors, handles/knobs, furniture, etc. will be typed out and emailed to you for your future reference

•a Pinterest board so we can merge several ideas together that will work for your space 

•recommendations on how you can DIY specific projects to my best knowledge  



Have questions?

Please contact Madison, Owner, by email regarding an appointment for a consultation.